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Filippo Cervo

Name: Filippo Cervo
Date of birth:
Living in:
Nationality: Italian
180 cm

68 kg
Job/Studies: university student (natural sciences)
Began Climbing:
Best Onsight (sport climbing):
L’atome de savoir 8a, Blanches fesses (direct start) 8a (both in Ceüse)

Best Flash (Sport climbing): ?
Hardest Redpoint:
Progetto 8b+ (Covolo - Italy - 3 trys)
Shalom 8b/b+ (Covolo - Italy, 2 trys)
La Notte 8b (Covolo - Italy)
Best flash (bouldering): Not a lot of bouldering on rock, unluckily!
Hardest boulder: Not a lot of bouldering on rock, unlukily!
Favorite climbing style: on sight

Favourite sport climbing crag: all!
Favourite bouldering spot: Chironico
Favourite Route: Balla coi lupi 8a+ (Covolo - Italy)
Competition Results:

th Kortocircuito (Montebelluna)
th Italian Bouldering Cup (Bardonecchia 2003)
8th Italian Bouldering Cup (Spiazzo Rendena 2003)
Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Who, Led Zeppelin, Metallica ...
Favourite drink: negroni and spritz (The serious one, that you get in Erbe Square in Padova)
Alimentation-Favourite meal
: I’m vegetarian…look the pictures!


Emerging People

Pippo Cervo: a boulderman greedy for chiks...
by September 2003

When you idealize a "boulder-man" you usually think at a funny guy with a strange hat, a massive body and a strange device behind his shoulders...well this time you have to reset your mind because your are in front of sport climber "damn" strong bouldering. This atypical boulderer never does boulder on rock, climbs sport routes, eats as a pig drinking "spriz" and only does bouldering for competitions.

We are proud to present you "Pippo" Cervo (that means stag in italian...) and his summer adventures!

After an unluky year (2002) with a serious injury to an elbow, Pippo couldn't resist to the rock recall, and he punished her!

Everybody already knew about the power of this funny guy, but after that bad year...I wouldn't bid a chicken on him! Well, before his summer holydays he was fifth in Italian Bouldering Cup (Bardonecchia), and this barbarian did a terroristic attak to Ceüse few days later: two 8a onsight, 2 at his first try, and a lot of other 7c+ and 7c onsight: luckily in those few days he didn't try nothing harder!!

If you aim at being a "Cervian" boulderman, I suggest you his typical diet based on a lot of chicken, and ...chicks: better if experienced!

Click Picture below for photogallery!


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