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Maja Vidmar

Name: Maja Vidmar
Born: Kranj, 30.12.1985
Living in: Škofja Loka, Slovenia
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Job: student
Began Climbing: 7 years ago
Best Onsight (sport climbing): 8a Dany Boy, Kalymnos
Best Flash (Sport climbing): 7c+ Preobrazba , Mišja Pec
Hardest Redpoint: 8b Lahkonoc Irena, Mišja Pec
Best flash (bouldering): -
Hardest boulder: -
Favourite climbing style: overhangs, onsight
Favourite sport climbing crag: Kalymnos (Greece)
Favourite bouldering spot: Val di Mello (Italy), Ailefroide (France)
Favourite Route: Priapos 7c+, Kalymnos (Greece)
Favourite Boulder Problem: -
Competition Results: 2nd place in world cup Aprica 2002, 3rd place in WC Edinburgh 2003, Brno 2004, Kranj 2004, Puurs 2005, Imst 2005
Music: I listen to everything, but my favourite band is Coldplay
Favourite drink: lemonade
Favourite meal: fruit
Hobby: running, movie making


Maja Vidmar interview by Daniel Vecchiato - © all rights reserved


Hey Maja, stop asking questions! Don't try to be too clever, 'cause it's my turn to interview you, not yours to interview me!!
Oh, sorry!

I'll try to be professional!!!
Which is your favourite ice cream?

Vanilla and other milk ice creams. I really like ice cream so it doesn't matter so much.

Let's carry on my investigation with few straight questions!
What do you prefer? Rock or indoor?

Rock! But I usually train in a gym!

Bouldering or sport climbing?
Sport climbing... I do leading (difficulty) comps, therefore I have to train on long routes (endurance!), boulder is just for fun!

Slovenia or abroad?
I like travelling! Slovenia is a very small country! The best climbing spot where I have been so far is Kalymnos (Greece)! I was there last year and it was the best!

Which are the places you dream to visit?
New Zealand, Australia... Thailand, America...

...not bad like a trip schedule... maybe you should get an around the world flight ticket ;o)
Yes! Good idea!

Blond, black or red guys?
Never mind...funny guys ;o)

Mmmmh a philosophical girl!


Maja Vidmar
Maja Vidmar bouldering in Val di Mello (Italy). - Ph: Maja Vidmar

Well, do you find that having a boyfriend increases women climbing performances?
Maybe, I don't know! Sometimes yes, but sometimes not...

Then there are 2 chances: either you have never been without boyfriends, or, if you have one, he is a new entry!
3rd possibility: if everything is ok with a boyfriend and the relationship is going well.. then you climb well, if not, that effects your climbing too and you climb bad...
Do you understand?

Nice answer! 1-0 for you!

Did anybody inspires/inspired you as a climber?
No, I started climbing with my sister.

It seems that tatoos work really well in giving power to Lisa Rands: can you confirm this magic about tatoos?
No! I don't have one.. . but maybe for somebody they do magics!

Pircings, painted nails, cobras in the chalk bag?
I am a little bit superstitious but not like this... I like to wear white clothes during a competition if possible... I always have white trousers, t-shirt, chalkbag... and more....


Maja Vidmar
Maja Vidmar Ph: Bernardo Giménez

How do you climb in those flares?
Those throusers aren't what they look like. They are just ordinary pants, but they look like flares because of the harness. For me it's easier to climb in light throusers.

Do you have any particular story to tell about your climbing trips/weekends/comp?
We were on our way to the competition and a few kilometres before an avalanche closed the road. So we had to walk over the hill with our bags and on the other site the organizer picked us up and gave us a lift to the competition. There are many other funny stories.

What do you enjoy the most about climbing?
I like that climbing is an individual sport… not a team sport. I really like to climb on rock where every root is different.

Why? What's wrong with team sport?
Is your personality more suitable for individual sports?

I rather prefer to compete alone. I like to feel that everything is "on my own shoulders..."

How do you feel with the other members of the Slovenian team?
I think we really are a good team and we get along really well! We are really good friends



It is a pleasure then to go around together! Nobody envious...
Well, in a competition we always spend good time together!

Who is the strongest guy of the Slovenian team?
We have 3 good climber and they are about the same.. it depends on the root...

Who is the funniest?
Hehe... I don't know... they all make me laugh!!

Good sign! At least they don't make you cry!
No, never!

What do you like apart from climbing?
I like to go to the cinema and watch movies!

Uhuu, that why you are such a passionate movie maker!
Which kind of movies do you like the most?

I like horror, thriller, comedy... I don't like scient-fiction. In my opinion the best movie is "Hide and Seek"

I didn't watch it, but now I'll up-to-date myself!
Well, just resuming, you like sleeping, climbing, and watching movies! what else?

When I have rest days I like to go running!

How many times per week do you train?
Once per day for 2-3 hours.

Do you have a trainer?
Yep! Roman Krajnik!

Uhuuu i understand!
Is he nice? I mean a nice person?

Yes...for me he is the best: a nice trainer and a nice person too!


Maja Vidmar
Maja Vidmar bouldering in Val di Mello (Italy). - Ph: Maja Vidmar

Well, who do you like to climb with usually?
I like to climb alone, just with my coach

Not even with your sister!!
Ooh, with my sister: yes!! But this year she will concentrate on bouldering comps, so she has a different program!

Which the main stress for you during a comp?
The whole comp from qualifications to the final is a big stress. You have to concentrate for every route and climb it as good as you can. I try to calm down and concentrate before I go climbing.

And the best satisfaction?
The best satisfaction for me is when I climb to the top. It's really nice view from the top :)

What your favourite route in Misja Pec?
There are many nice roots in Mišja Pec. One of my personal favourites is the hardest root I climbed - Lahkonoc Irena - 8b. One of them are Rock'n' roll, Samsara, Sonce v oceh…

Any particular project on rock?
Currently no. I plane to climb 8b+ in near future.

...and life?
I intend to finish my school. When I will have more time I would really like to travel around the world and climb.

Bye Bye FreakClimbers!


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