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Sabine Bacher

Name: Sabine Bacher
Date of birth: Austria, 26/02/1984 in Tyrol (AUT)
Living in: York (UK)
Nationality: Austrian
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Began Climbing: 1995
Job: student - doing a degree in Sport and Exercise Science
Best Onsight (sport climbing): 7c
Best Flash (sport climbing): 7c
Hardest Redpoint: 8a
Best flash (bouldering): ... I'm new to the bouldering world!
Hardest boulder: A Font 7c variant at Almscliff (UK)
Favorite climbing style: I love to onsight.
Favourite sport climbing crag: so many! But if I had to choose it would be Niederthai (AUT)
Favourite bouldering spot: Almscliffe (UK)
Favourite Route: Rainman 8a (Zillertal-AUT)
Favourite Boulder Problem: Dope an a Slop 7b+
Competition Results: 5th at Youth World-Championship 2003, 3rd EYC Kranje,
4th EYC Bernà.
Music: from Bob Marley to Guns and Roses and everything between
Favourite drink: Rauch g`spritzter Apfelsaft
Alimentation-Favourite meal: Italian- Spaghetti
Hobby: Roller-skating, Snowboarding and Skiing, Running, Mountain Biking and Painting

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Sabine Bacher
"During the trip I was sleeping in a church, under the crag, by the road, by the river..."

Stewart Watson - ©, 13 December 2004

© 2004 - All Rights Reserved


Hey Sabby!! Tell me what you've been doing in the year 2004?
2004 started pretty boring….I went to uni in Innsbruck to do a psychology degree but rapidly realised it wasn't right for me…I had to please a burning desire within me to just climb! So with this I decided to have a gap year with my boy friend where we just fulfilled our dreams of climbing! I love to travel to different climbing areas and climb hard routes there. We climbed in Arco….Osp….St Leger du ventoux….Mallorca….England…. Thailand and around Austria! It was such an amazing experience…waking up everyday thinking "where today?" and then finding yourself on some amazing route on different rock. I climbed many 8a's in this year in almost all the different climbing areas…and for me this was a dream.

Sabine Bacher
Sabine Bacher - Climbing in Thailand



Sabine Bacher
Sabine Bacher - Climbing in Thailand

Why did you feel this big push for 1 year of climbing?
Climbing is an amazing pushes you physically, takes you to beautiful areas and allows you to see the world from a different perspective. Everytime I go climbing, whether it's to my local bouldering wall or in a different country I feel alive! Climbing for a whole year allowed me this feeling almost everyday!

Any anegdotic or funny/strange adventure during the trip?
The only strange adventures are about sleeping areas: in a church, under the crag, by the road, by the river. There were many funny stories but you had to be there!

Which place did you enjoy/like the most?
From all the different climbing areas we visited, my love still lies with local climbing area! It is a hidden gem within a 'Lord of the Rings' type forest

Your living in England now studyin... you like British climbing?
To be totally honest I think some British climbing areas are very cool... Gritstone is so cool to boulder on! But I think the limestone crags are quite boring... there's nothing exciting about them compared to other areasà.and so I miss Austria's sport climbing areas!!
British climbers are interesting! They love to boulder... I don't blame them with these amazing bouldering areas! There are some very strong British climbers... I think with more sport climbing rock they could be amazing!

What do you prefer? Bouldering or sport-climbing?
Sport climbing is so much harder and pushes you way more than bouldering. My love for sport climbing is still there even though I'm living in England for a while.

What about trad climbing?!? Are you planning to start soon?
For me trad climbing is brilliant...but only when you want to climb the easy safe climbs. I love to push myself in climbing and trad climbing doesn't allow me to do that in a safe environment...Trad is a different style of climbing...but not for me.

You (and your sister) have a long plait!! Any story or particular meaning about it?
Yeah the plait is a sign of our Buddhist backgrounds....we have to maintain it to allow the earths energy to shoot into our bodies and allow us to climb harder.
...not really... no hocus pocus behind it! just looks good!

How did you start climbing?
My farther and sister built a climbing wall in the cellar of our house and I climbed on this for fun. There was a climbing competition for kids and I wanted to enterà.I only climbed maybe three times in the cellar but came third in the competition. This really inspired me and ever since this I've climbed constantly!


Sabine Bacher
Sabine Bacher - "The green traverse" - Stanage

Who are your climbing heroes?
I don't idolise anybody. I climb for myself and I don't feel I should worship other climbers. I'm not American! I think the Americans are so strong because they worship climbing stars and want to be exactly like them... for me this is strange! Don't get me wrong! I accept when climbers are good and I am impressed when I hear about hard ascents, but this is as far as it goes!

How does it feel to be the younger sister of a competition star (Barbara Bacher)?
I am so proud of Babsy's achievements in climbing...but I live in her shadow! Sometimes I have luck and people recognise who I am too! I love to climb with her thoughà.it's always so much fun, she pushes me and sometimes I think I push her on certain thingsà..she's so strong!! There's never a competitive edge when we're climbing together and I miss to climb with her! She should come to
England for a while!!!

Do you have any more dreams that have to be fulfilled in the future?
I want to climb my first 8b soon... but on the same day I also want my boyfriend to climb his first 8c+ or 9a!

© 2004 - All Rights Reserved

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