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Angela Eiter

Name: Angela Eiter
Date of birth: 27/01/1986 in Zams (AUT)
Living in: Arzl (AUT)
Nationality: Austrian
Height: 1.54 cm
Weight: 45kg
Began Climbing: In 1998 I became a member of little climbing team and we had training two times a week.
Job: student - I am a pupil of a sports gymnasium and next year in may I will have my final exams. After that I think I go to university to > to study language or sport
Best Onsight (sport climbing): /
Best Flash (sport climbing): /
Hardest Redpoint: 8b
Best flash (bouldering): not bouldering outside so far!
Hardest boulder: /
Favorite climbing style: It depends on the route. If a route is enjoyable and nice to climb it doesn´t matter if it is vertical, technical or overhanging.
Favourite sport climbing crag: Orpierre (FRA), Bürs (AUT), Niederthai (AUT)
Favourite bouldering spot: Zillertal (AUT)
Favourite Route: It varies from all the time, but at the moment I prefer Metropolitan (9/9+, AUT)
Favourite Boulder Problem: /
Competition Results: five wins at Worldcup: Aprica 2003+2004, Valence 2003, Imst 2004, Shanghai 2004; Second place at Worlcup: Prag, Kranj,
Shenzen 2003, Chamonix 2004; Third place Worldcup overall 2003; won Rock Master 2003+2004
Music: It depends on my mood, but usually I prefer pop songs
Favourite drink: apple juice
Alimentation-Favourite meal: pasta
Hobby: snow-shoe walking, meeting friends
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Angela Eiter
"Because... climbing doesn´t offer advantages just for boys"...she said!!
Be carefull guys!

Gianluca Bosetti - ©, 1 November 2004

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Let's start with a bit of talking about you…
You are a pretty and young girl, where do you come from and what do you do in your life?! Tell us something about you!

I am from Arzl, that is in the small valley "Pitztal" near Imst; I go to school (gymnasium) for sportists and I will have my last exams next year in may. Apart from climbing I really like to go out with my friends having fun with them. I also like running and bowling.

When did you started climbing and above all how did it happened!? Tell us about
your love climbing story!! Was it love at first sight or something different?

I was introduced to climbing initially at school when I was 11 years old; this school offered climbing and football to all pupils. I decided to try climbing.
I had a lot of fun with the other teammates at each training! Step by step I got better and finally I started to enjoy competitions... My family supported me very much, they drove me to the climbing stadium in Imst whenever I asked them, in particular my father, he escorted me by nearly all competitions and trainings!!

How was your progression? Did you just reach 8a level in a couple of month or was it a more regular progression ??!?!
When I was 15 I climbed my first 8a. This route was in the climbing hall of Imst… School is responsible why I haven´t enough time to climb regularly on rocks! I would really like to climb more routes on rocks. By now my best performance on rock is 8a+/8b (in AUT)

Angela Eiter at Rockmaster 2004
Angela Eiter - Rockmaster 2004

If I tell you "free climbing" which are the first 3 words that come into your mind? Why?
Own power, great success, fun.
This means doing a route without any help except with your own abilities. When you do a hard route, it is a great success that you have made. It is very important to me to enjoy all the great moves and have fun.

Do you have any favourite climber?
My favorite climber is Francois Legrand, because he was one of the very great ones who were able to climb without making mistakes. But I also admire the great abilities of Lynn Hill; for me, she is an incredible strong and wonderful climber.

What about you brilliant performance at Rock Master 2004?!! How did you celebrate your victory?
I couldn´t, and even I can´t, really believe it!!! I was very happy… I celebrated my success together with my friends, family, trainer and so on.

How important competitions are for you? What about female competitions' atmosphere!? Do you think it's different from the "men world" of competition?
I like competitions, but I wouldn´t say that they are one of the biggest part in my life. I honestly think that most of male competitions are more exciting. For example I never watch female skiing… Even if climbing is different, it is one of the sports where women and men can climb nearly the same level… women do the same great performance as men!


Angela Eiter - Difficulty World Cup Valence

Is it easy to train with guys? I think lot of guys must fly down when climbing together!!!
Climbing is a sport for everyone, old or young, male or female it doesn´t matter… There are lot of routes around and each person will find his favourite one. As I told you before climbing doesn´t offer advantages just for boys!!!
Nevertheless I know several boy I climb with and we have good relationship!!

What about bouldering...Do you like it?
I like bouldering very much. It is part of my training but I have never tried an international bouldering competition before, even if I like to watch them.

You seem to climb really well, not only for your strenght and endurance, but also because you move technically and smoothly, tell us your secrets!!!!
I enjoy climbing and I like all the movements. Sometimes you have to overcome problems for example when you are likely to fall very deep. I think this is very exciting.

Ok ok, but we want to know your training secrets!!! So tell us, how do you train? Alone or with a trainer? How long do you train and how many days in a week?
I train two times a week with my trainer and the other three times I ask someone who wants to go with me. I like bouldering with other climbers and when I climb routes I used to meet a nice man who goes climbing with me. Each training lasts for three to four hours; usually I train about 18 to 20 hours per week…



Angela Eiter
Angela Eiter
- Difficulty World Cup Valence
Which kind of routes do you like the most?? Technical slabs or overhanging routes?
When the routes are good it doesn´t matter if the wall is overhanging or vertical.


Which are your future targets and projects?
I really hope to pass my exams next year… I don´t want just to concentrate on climbing, because I need something else too.
In addition I don´t want to make
my hobby to my job, because I think there will be more pressure on myself when I have to be successful… I really like climbing and I want to continue having fun when I go climbing!!! Maybe we will meet somewhere!!!
Stay tuned…

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