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  • Jorg Verhoeven

    Jorg Verhoeven

    Speedy Gonzales!

    Ipse Dixit :" Heights make me fly…"

  • Keita Mogaki

    Keita Mogaki

    The new Japanese fury!

    Ipse Dixit :"This is our secret! Everybody uses chopsticks, even to eat pasta and pizza!!"

  • Philippe Ribiere

    Philippe Ribiere

    Philippe, definitively beyond, over, aside, in the rock... I got confused!

    Ipse Dixit :"Limits exist, but if I knew them... I would stop everything!"

  • Malcolm Smith

    Malcolm Smith

    Malcolm... pure Scottish power!

    Ipse Dixit :"Whisky? No that's for the partying… coffee for bouldering!"

  • Maja Vidmar

    Maja Vidmar

    Maja ... really deep and determined eyes!

    Ipse Dixit :"Blond, black or red guys?!? Never mind...funny guys ;o)"

  • Fred Nicole

    Fred Nicole

    Fred ... scared of height...approaches climbing like a never ending learning experience!

    Ipse Dixit :"To discover new lines and new moves was always my motivation without thinking of pushing the limits or being a pioneer. Climbing for me goes with the nature and the lack of references is a gift more then a problem."

  • Martin Moser

    Martin Moser

    Martin... the cowboy of bouldering...

    Ipse Dixit :"I like it when you climb, and the time stops, you don't think about anything, and you fly!"

  • Lisa Rands

    Lisa Rands

    Lisa, from bouldering to trad climbing pushing the limits of climbing!
    But... what about her nails and tatoo?!?

    Ipse Dixit :"I was thinking of getting another tatoo though, so ... any suggestions?!"

  • Sabine Bacher

    Sabine Bacher

    Sabine, part of the massive Austrian climbing force!!
    Discover what she told us about the magic meaning of her plait...

    Ipse Dixit :"During the trip I was sleeping in a church, under the crag, by the road, by the river..."

  • Ben Moon

    Ben Moon

    A legend of modern climbing: the first to get an 8c+ route!

    Ipse Dixit :"There are no secrets to becoming strong it's all about hard work. Beer and women will be the ruin of you!"

  • Angela Eiter

    Angela Eiter

    Angela did a strike this year, winning both 2004 World Cup and Rock Master!
    But who is she?
    Let's go and know her better!

    Ipse Dixit :"...because climbing doesn't offer advantages just for boys!"

  • Daniel Woods

    Daniel Woods

    This year a new young mutant appeared on the scene!
    Daniel did his hardest boulder problem (8B) at the 3rd go!!

    Ipse Dixit :"Well I guess my secret is cranking off 1 arms on door jams and doing 1 arm hangs on door jams. Even though my mom yells at me whenever I do this..."

  • Gabriele Moroni

    Gabriele Moroni

    Gabri, no stress, totally relaxed and with nothing to lose, and nothing to win...
    16 years old,and a 3rd place at the 2004 Bouldering European Championship!

    Ipse Dixit :"I want to...to climb well, enjoy myself...and probably color my hair!"

  • Sylvain Millet

    Sylvain Millet

    Apparently Sylvain's mum dishes do miracles!! Or is maybe merit of French beer?!?!

    Whatever it is Sylvain repeated "Realization"... ops sorry "BIOGRAPHIE"!


    Ipse Dixit :"Why 'Biographie' is special? Because there are boulder sections, resistance sections, rest positions not so good ... stamina, technical...Furthermore... it’s a "very" little bit hard!"

  • Faye & Paul

    Faye & Paul Brouard

    When You live in the southern hemisphere, climbing can be something different!
    Let's go for a South African trip with Faye and Paul!

    Ipse Dixit (Faye):"No way (he he ha ha) I could never imagine life without climbing, What would I do!!"
    Ipse Dixit (Paul):"to live with responsibility you have to confront your prejudices every day, because it so easy to become angry with the people committing terrible crimes instead of the previous social system (which made crime seem like a legitimate way to survive). "


  • Adam Pustelnik

    Adam Pustelnik

    You wonder how strong You could be brushing your teeth every day properly?
    Adam tried this trick... follow his training style!

    Ipse Dixit:"to go around by car or hitchhike and sleep under the rocks... I think that this is the best way of living while climbing!"

  • Filippo Cervo

    Filippo Cervo

    This atypical boulderer never does boulder on rock, climbs sport routes, eats as a pig drinking "spriz"! I basically just boulder for competitions.
    Ipse Dixit: "...I love chicken, but I prefer chicks! ... better if...experienced!"

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