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  • MoonBoxer Jean by MoonBoxer Jean
Bouldering 02 June 2005 - 00:02:21 Posted by Freak      

Chris Sharma the nomad pushing New Zealand limits

Powerband reporst that Chris Sharma has been at Castle Hill for the last two weeks and has opened New Zealand's first v14 boulder problem.

The Powerband describes the landing of Mr.Sharma & friends on their island as follows:

In fact, in two weeks, Sharma (traveling with Boone Speed, Mike Call, Nate Gold, Lauren Lee and a whole crew of local groupies (some of whom had flown from around NZ just to grope and fawn)) opened around 10 hard new problems at Spittle Hill and Flock Hill between v9 and v14.

Reluctant as ever to detail his amazing feats, Sharma would only guess at the grade of his hard new lines - suggesting that one of his lines on Flock Hill (on the Trifecta boulder) could be in the v14 range. It might even be called the Black Dragon or maybe the Red Dragon - we couldn't actually confirm that. But the short point is the problem is HARD (with a capital SLOPER!).

In other news, we can tell you that Sharma cleaned up an old project near Thrust v7 on Spittle Hill in three or four tries - at moderate v12. Other 'impossible' looking lines were not so lucky. And although his traveling companions have now left, apparently Chris is still roaming the Castle Hill basin looking for NASTY lines. Stay tuned.

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