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  • MoonCypher Pant by MoonCypher Pant
Sport Climbing 19 October 2007 - 12:20:33 Posted by Freak      

Gabriele Moroni : first repeat of SS 26 8c+/9a

Gabriele Moroni told us about this project last summer while we all were in Ceuse. He told us that he was close, really close to send it.

Gabriele Moroni in azione al Cubo (AO)
ph: Alberto Gnerro

» Intervista Gabriele Moroni
» Intervista Alberto Gnerro
In August he fell at the last hold of the hard section of the route.
After climbing in Ceuse, he went back on it, but he failed again, always on the same hold.

On the 7th of October Gabriele finally managed to clip the chain and send it.

Ooops, but what are we speaking about?
SS 26 guys, the second 9a by Alberto Gnerro (interview in Italian), a 40m route, fully natural at Gressoney (AO - Italy).

Gabriele signed the first repeat of this route, first climbed by Alberto Gnerro on August the 9th (2006).

Speaking about the grade, Gabriele said that in his opinion it something around 8c+/9a. It took him more than 20 tries in order to send it.

After sending SS 26, Gabriele took advantage of his great shape and did a flash 2 days trip to Frankenjura (Germany) were he sent Shangri-la, 8c+ (you can see a video of this route climbed by Adam Pustelnik) in our video gallery .

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