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2009-04-15 14:40:00
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Richard Simpson is back: Born 4u 8c in Frankenjura

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Videos 20 December 2006 - 16:55:00 Posted by Freak      

VIDEO: E11 review & trailer

We had the pleasure to let our faces get stuck in front of Dave MacLeod new DVD E11 telling the story of his adveture on Rhapsody, the first E11 in the world!

Has we already said, this video will keep you glued to a sofa in front of a screen!

First of all this video has a story behind, it isn't a series of chapters: it's a movie!
It tells the full story of the affair between Dave MacLeod and Rhapsody, how he lived it, and how he managed to overcome some episodes that made it harder to succeed!
It's a real lesson about motivation, that as Ben Moon states "It's the key to success"!

Watching this video you will get the full flavour of a cutting edge trad climbing experience, and enjoy (just because you will watch it on a sofa with a cold beer in your hands) a series of 20m hectic falls!

Basically a must in your DVD climbing collection!

Important notice: I watched it with my girlfriend and she didn't fall asleep!

You can buy it now on Dave Macleod website!

The highlight of the video is the world's first E11 and hardest traditional rock climb: Rhapsody, E11, climbed by Dave Macleod on Sunday the 9th of April 2006.

Other footages included:
» Breathless E8 6c
» Hurlyburly 8b (free solo)
» Perfect Crime V13
» Pressure V13
» Super Size Me V13
» L-Mens F8b+

Running time for main film: 41 mins

More news on Rhapsody:
» More on Rhapsody: E11 7a by Dave MacLeod
» It's officially E11 7a: Direct finish to Requiem by Dave MacLeod
» MacLeod Climbs Direct Finish to Requiem: first E11?

More news on Dave MacLeod:
» Dave MacLeod frees Pressure: probably Scotland's hardest
» Dave MacLeod climbs Breathless, E10 7a
» The Scottish Dave MacLeod striking both at home and Frankenjura
» First 8c sport route in Scotland by Dave MacLeod
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