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  • MoonBoxer Jean by MoonBoxer Jean
Sport Climbing 20 November 2006 - 16:37:08 Posted by Freak      

Gabriele Moroni Frankenjura tour

Gabriele Moroni (interview) went to Frankenjura (Germany) last october.

Gabriele Moroni climbing at Cubo (valle d'Aosta)
ph: Alberto Gnerro
But let's see what Gabriele wrote on
"Hey Ben...I just got back from a 10 days trip to Frankenjura!! It has been an amazing experience climbing almost every day in various cool crags. The weather was perfect except for the first two days. I think Frankenjura is THE BEST place in the world if you love like I do pockets and short, bouldery,powerful routes...We left Italy on 4 October driving direction Frankenjura(Germany) but for break the long travel we stopped in Zillertal(Austria)for one day. It was raining cats and dogs but we managed to climb dry in a cave called Bachexe. We arrived to Frankenjura the day after...

Here is a little diary of my sends:
» 4 October (Zillertal) Land der Hammer 8b
» 6 October(Frankenjura) Drive by Shooting 8b+/c (4tries)
» 8 October Nightmare 8b (2tries) Raubritter 8b+/c (3tries)
» 9 October Subway 8b
» 11 October Ghettoblaster 8b (2tries, one of the first 8b's in FJ by Wolfgang Gullich)
» 12 October Desaster 8b+ (2tries) Klondike Cat 8c (3tries)
» 13 October Mann Beisst Hund fb 7c+/8a, Das Tor zur Holle 8a+/b traverse and  Morlock Shocker 8b
Back in Italy I climbed 2 days in Erto where I did a quick ascent of Sogni di Gloria 8b+, a historical route sent by Gherard Horagher in 1987...actually the first 8b+ of Italy and one of the first in the world!!!

In the last days I was in Arco working on Zauberfee 8c+ of Christian Bindhammer and I was very close to do it falling on the last moves...I will back the next week so stay tuned!!


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