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Big Walls 12 September 2006 - 08:00:00 Posted by Freak      

A silent ascent of Silbergeier by Ondra Benes

Sometime great ascents go unobserved and silent!

And this is one example of a great send we missed out!

ondra benet silbergeier
Ondra Benet on Silbergeier - Rätikon, Switzerland
ph: T. Bardas


On July 7th 2006 the Czech climber Ondra Benes repeated Beat Kammerlander's Silbergeier 8b+ in Rätikon, Switzerland. Ondra Benes is 23 year old and comes from Decin, near the famous Elbsandsteingebirge.
It took him just four days at the start of July to work out the moves on the 6 sustained and psycological pitches of this route.
Luckily for him, after one rest day, he successfully repeated the route straight off, without ever falling.

Despite not being well know to the international audience, Ondra Benes is a known name in Czech Republic where in April 2005 he signed first ascent of THC 8b+ at Labak, currently one of the hardest sports route on Czech sandstone.

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silbergeier topo
The topo of Silbergeier
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